4 Dec 2012


Tanya was a great letter writer and corresponded faithfully. To get a letter from Tanya was an occasion to put the kettle on and snuggle up in the blanket of her warmth and wisdom. Like everything about her; her writing is honest and heartfelt, both full of her own feelings and opinions and doubts and anxieties and yet full of encouragement and counsel to the correspondent. If anyone's got some letters of hers we'd love copies. The ones we have are marvellous. Somebody should collect all her advice on life's problems together into a book.

The envelopes were also invariably a canvas of Tanya's self-expression and billboard for her interests.

I have a box which has lots of letters written to her, which if anything like mine, I think people will wish to remain private so they will be slipped into nyrexes and filed in order for the next generation to ponder: wow, how did they live without text?

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