Welcome to Tanya's blog.

Between the 50th anniversary of her birth in September 2012 and the tenth anniversary of her passing in December 2013 (and beyond) we'd like to offer this space to people who knew her or have been affected by her work and legacy to share whatever they want to say about Tanya for the world to see.

Send us you memories, songs, pictures, poems, polemics, links or whatever, and within the limits of our capability and html, we'll post them here.

nat (at) pixlink (dot) co (dot) uk

We've started with a few posts but we hope there is more to come here about this remarkable woman and her legacy by her friends, family and colleagues.

Help the world know a lot more about Tanya's way of being, loving, trusting, truthful, simple and yet complicated. It's something that she deserved. Tanya would run a mile or even 26.4 from a cult of personality but I think the world still needs her inspiration.

- Nat

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