3 Dec 2012

Abseil for Tanya Fund - 2005

More than five thousand pounds for Tanya's Fund was raised on September 18, 2005 when 
58 people aged from eight to sixty eight took part in a charity abseil organised by Paul Jarvis and Adventure Unlimited. Many first-timers overcame their fears to descend the 120 foot sea cliffs at Peacehaven, East Sussex.

Coverage in the local press and TV raised awareness of the opportunities provided by the Brighton-based outdoor education charity Adventure Unlimited which Tanya was the general manager of when she died.

A.U. employees Emma Callar, Bob Swain, Olly Foolkes and Steve Mackenzie were aided by volunteers Malcolm Mackenzie, Bruce Finch and Martin Thomas. These dedicated people provide opportunities for young people to develop through outdoor education their self-confidence and self-reliance and leadership skills.

Many of the day’s first-time abseilers were children who had known Tanya from participating in Adventure Unlimited’s ‘818’ youth club. Some had persuaded their parents to have a go as well. Participant Kim Turner said: “I am proud of my 11 year old daughter who persuaded me to do it with her! The instructor (Bob) who saw me over the top was absolutely brilliant at putting me at ease. ”

Kim Turner said she took part because “I wanted to give something back to Adventure Unlimited as my kids have had great times with them. They bring opportunities for loads of local children who would otherwise not be able to have these experiences for financial or other reasons.”

Well into the spirit of rising to the challenge was the outstanding example of (then) sixteen year old Raffi DeLeon who individually raised over £400 pounds.

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