3 Dec 2012


Tanya loved dancing. I remember watching her and Kim competing in this. I thought England was doing really well but Tanya was eliminated very early on and I felt crushed for her as she'd put her heart and soul into it. Whenever she came to L.A. I would take her out to the western wear shops so she would get authentic duds. About 8.30 pm I went outside to make a phone call (this was pre ubiquitous-mobile days) and in the phone box next to me was a man apparently talking to the BBC in N.I. about coverage of the competition on the news - there was a t.v. crew there - and saying to someone: "I can categorically assure you of a Northern Ireland win tonight..." This was hours before the competition was over.

Do you have any dancing memories to share?

Any members of the 'Rawhide Demo Team' out there?

(legal disclaimer - I have no evidence the man was connected with the competition nor do I assert the competition was fixed. He may have just been a PR giving their usual assurances in hoping for some coverage.)

Jiving with Kris T. in Canoga Park

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