3 Dec 2012


This looks to be taken at home in Hammersmith. Tanya is sitting on one of the pair of antique Orkney chairs she inherited from her father. The making of Orkney chairs had practically died out by the time he got them sometime the 1950's. The islanders had stopped making them when there was no market for them. As the islands became more prosperous they could now have three-piece suites. Original chairs are quite rare and under appreciated. I once saw two in an American auction catalogue labelled as 'French rustic'.

For as long as I could remember this one was very battered and in decline as the cats loved it as a scratching post but there wasn't much we could do about it as there were no craftspeople who could do the straw-weaving to repair it. A chance meeting with an Orcadian led to Tanya finding someone who could. Chair-making had been revived as a means of cultural and economic development. So perhaps with a sense of duty to protect her heritage and an appreciation of beautiful things, she had hers restored, at not insignificant expense.

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