15 Dec 2015

Tanya Bocking Memorial Fund Closing Accounts

After operating the Tanya Bocking Memorial Fund for ten years, the administrators have decided it is now a fitting time to close the fund and will use the balance of the fund to support its host Adventure Unlimited. 

There were a variety of reasons for this; a principal one being that Tanya believed in keeping things simple and with the members of Adventure Unlimited who knew Tanya moving on elsewhere, the fund's administration was becoming complicated and while AU faced financial challenges it was fitting to make use the funds to support the organisation Tanya loved and had benefited. 

In these days when many billion-pound charities spend less than 50% of their income on charitable causes, the administrators are proud to have met the challenge Tanya would have set them to ensure that donors' money wasn't wasted. As and when recipients report what they have done with their grants their stories will be published here (but for many good reasons some may not want to publicise their receipt of a grant).

Anonymous £4,117.00
Abseil £5,708.00
Brent Alpha Fund £250.00
Gemini Foundation £5,000.00
regular donor £1,040.00
regular donor £1,288.00
regular donors £107.00
collection 2007 £151.00
donor 2004 £30.00
donor 2005 £250.00
donor 2006 £120.00
donor 2006 £140.00
donor 2010 & 2011 £650.00
donor 2011 £500.00
donor 2013 £100.00
gift aid £1,994.00
total income £21,445.00
grants 2015 £785.00
grants 2014 £2,424.00
grants 2013 £2,566.00
grants 2012 £3,125.00
grants 2011 £1,250.00
grants 2010 £300.00
grants 2009 £393.00
grants 2008 £3,224.00
grants 2007 £908.00
grants 2006 £1,504.00
pledged 2016 £525.00
admin £502.00
printing £199.00
abseil site £190.00
residue to AU £3,550.00
total expenditure £21,445.00

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